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#1521 fixed Comet not working under Windows apoirier bradipoplacido

Reported by bradipoplacido, 7 years ago.



I ave followed the instruction for installing Python 2.7.1 Stackless and Nagare and examples on my Win7 Ultimate 64bit Other examples go ok, but the chat demo give me this

Exception happened during processing of request from ('', 53205) Traceback (most recent call last):

File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\paste-\paste

\", line 1068, in process_request_in_thread

self.finish_request(request, client_address)

File "D:\Python27sl\Lib\SocketServer?.py", line 323, in


self.RequestHandlerClass?(request, client_address, self)

File "D:\Python27sl\Lib\SocketServer?.py", line 639, in init


File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\paste-\paste

\", line 442, in handle


File "D:\Python27sl\Lib\", line 337, in handle


File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\paste-\paste

\", line 437, in handle_one_request


File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\paste-\paste

\", line 287, in wsgi_execute


File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\paste-\paste

\", line 203, in call

return app(environ, start_response)

File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\nagare-0.4.1-py2.7.egg\nagare

\", line 376, in call

comet.channels.connect(channel_id, int(nb),

environwsgi.input?.file.fileno(), response)

File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\nagare-0.4.1-py2.7.egg\nagare

\", line 240, in connect


File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\nagare-0.4.1-py2.7.egg\nagare

\", line 246, in discard_disconnected_clients


File "D:\Nagare\lib\site-packages\nagare-0.4.1-py2.7.egg\nagare

\", line 113, in discard_disconnected_clients

clients_to_discard =, [], [], 0)[0]

error: (10022, 'An invalid argument was supplied')

#1522 fixed Rendering problem when combining .error and context manager apoirier sprat

Reported by sprat, 7 years ago.


The following snippet is not rendered correctly: the option elements are not rendered into the select element but into the error-field div. Maybe something can be done to improve that?

with'This is an error'):
    for i in range(5):
        h << h.option(i, value=i)
#1523 fixed Problems with the PT flag in Nagare apache rewrite rules apoirier sprat

Reported by sprat, 7 years ago.


I encountered a very tricky issue with the PT flag that Nagare generates for Apache rewrite rules. This "Pass Through" flag tells Apache that the URL is transformed to another URL (instead of a filesystem path normally) and thus prevent the <Location /static> rules to be executed.

I think Nagare should generate the rewrite rules with full paths to the static directories, [L] flag only, and no document root (only the virtualhost configuration should declare a document root if it needs to, not Nagare, in order to avoid document root problems).

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