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#1524 fixed HTML5 renderer & <abbr> tags apoirier sprat

Reported by sprat, 7 years ago.


In Nagare's HTML5 renderer, the <abbr> tag is deprecated, which renders it unusable. However, it seems that this tag is perfectly valid in HTML5: see . Can you please remove the deprecation of this tag?

#1525 wontfix Node adding is magical, modifies in-place when you'd think it wouldn't apoirier jabapyth

Reported by jabapyth, 7 years ago.


This is a design decision, and there's no accounting for taste ;) but I would highly suggest *not* using "<<" to modify your node tree. People expect "<<" to return a new object, not modify one of the objects in place. I would recommend changing to magicify the "<<=" operator, which shows the casual observer that you are modifying the object on the left-hand-side.


#1527 fixed Locked sessions apoirier vrialland

Reported by vrialland, 6 years ago.


Example use with two browsers :

  • Browser 1 make some actions on a Nagare app, copy the url
  • Paste it in browser 2 : as session id is different from the cookie one, we're redirected to the root
  • Continue browsing on browser 1 : you're stuck

=> Session lock must be released on ExpirationError?

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