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#1507 fixed consider releasing a new version? apoirier timo

Reported by timo, 8 years ago.



there have been at least one feature i'd like to use (the "local" module) that is not yet released in a stable version of nagare. please consider releasing at least that along with maybe the newer YUI and such as a stable release.

thank you

#55 fixed xhtml, select and option: problem with integer apoirier vincent.millet

Reported by vincent.millet, 9 years ago.


When I use a select in a view like this:

    for name, id in mylist:
        h << h.option(name, value=id).selected(id_to_select)

if id_to_select is an integer the selection does not work.

#13 fixed ajax.py2js with strings and dicts apoirier vrialland

Reported by vrialland, 11 years ago.


Strings : py2js doesn't escape characters such as ", \n...

current code: line 365 : return '"'+value+'"

working: return '"%s"' % value.replace('
', '


Dicts : An error occurs when a key in the dict contains the minus sign, Python tries to evaluate it:

current code : line 323 return '{ ' + ', '.join(% (name, py2js(value, h)) for (name, value) in d.items()?) + '}'

working : return '{ ' + ', '.join(% (py2js(name, h), py2js(value, h)) for (name, value) in d.items()?) + ' }'

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