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#66 fixed The serializer can't serialize an empty DOM apoirier apoirier

Reported by apoirier, 9 years ago.


Exception :

NoApplicableMethods: (([], 'text/html', '<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">', False), {})

with this code:

from nagare import presentation, ajax

class C:

@presentation.render_for(C, model='async')
def render(self, h, *args):
    return h.root   # Returning an empty DOM

def render(self, h, comp, *args):
    h << h.div(id='async_div')
    h << h.a('Click me').action(ajax.Update(
                              render=lambda h: comp.render(h, model='async'),
    return h.root
#27 fixed Undefined variable img in Img._set_content_type apoirier bertrand.croq

Reported by bertrand.croq, 10 years ago.


In at line 706, img is used although it has never been defined... maybe it should be e.body.

#1510 fixed Update on checkbox click apoirier bertrand.croq

Reported by bertrand.croq, 8 years ago.


When associating an ajax.Update to the onclick of a CheckboxInput, the action of the Update object always receives the value "on" when using Firefox or Internet Explorer even when the checkbox has just been unchecked.

(no problem with Chrome or Safari on Windows)

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