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#1519 fixed Validators & None problems apoirier sprat

Reported by sprat, 7 years ago.


There are some problems when using a None value on some validators :

  • the StringValidator? accepts None as value but it fails on the not_empty check (not a ValueError?)
  • if we use strip/lstrip or rstrip and give a None value to the Validator, it raises an exception but not a ValueError?, so the Property.validate won't trap the error

I guess it should forbidden to use a None value in a validator but it would probably break existing projets, so I'm not sure what action should be taken.

#21 fixed - database.session.clear() called too late apoirier bertrand.croq

Reported by bertrand.croq, 11 years ago.


In, database.session.clear() is called before phase1, but after security.set_user() is called. If the user is fetched from the database, this is a problem.

Shouldn't the session be cleared (or closed, as this seem to be prefered in at the end of each wsgi call ?

#19 fixed XHR Error on multiple input clicks in web browser apoirier PythonNutter

Reported by PythonNutter, 11 years ago.


Counter Demo 3

Asynchronous clicking '++' rapidly will result in XHR Errors.

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