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#50 fixed [log] inferred caller is wrong apoirier sdt

Reported by sdt, 9 years ago.


When using the debug, info, etc. functions from the nagare.log module (SVN r223), the inferred caller of log records is these functions themselves.

This means the %(filename)s, %(funcName)s, %(module)s formatter arguments do not resolve to the correct source. For instance %(module)s resolves to 'nagare.log'.

Logger.findCaller rewinds the stack until it finds the standard logging module (itself) using _srcfile, which is only used for that purpose. Nagare may hijack it for the formatting functions to work correctly.

#18 fixed Missing Distributions after easy_install nagarep[full] apoirier PythonNutter

Reported by PythonNutter, 11 years ago.


Windows issue once again:

Missing distributions I had to easy_install again after nagare[full] was easy_installed on the Windows platform:

o flup o Paste o WebOb? o lxml

I stopped installing at lxml because only version 2.1.2 is available to download. I tried easy_install lxml-2.1.1 and it failed to find any version to download and nagare-admin complains if lxml does not equal 2.1.1 exactly as a version number and fails out.

#69 fixed Missing files in root/trunk/nagare/examples/nagare/examples/wiki/ apoirier pigmej

Reported by pigmej, 9 years ago.


For example in file root/trunk/nagare/examples/nagare/examples/wiki/ you're importing "from wikideclarative import PageData?" (

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