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     3Entry points 
     6The entry points are a mecanism to extend the framework. 
     8How the entry points are declared in the :browser:`core/` file of your project 
     9is described in the `Setuptools documentation <>`_. 
     11Look at the value of the ``entry_points`` keywork of ``the setup()`` call into 
     12the :browser:`core/` of the framework to see all the defined default entry points.  
     14The framework knows about the following entry points: 
     16  - ``nagare.applications``: this entry point is the most often used as it registers 
     17    an application to the framework. 
     19    An application can be an instance of ``WSGIApp``, configurated with a 
     20    component factory, or a direct component factory which, in this case, will 
     21    be automatically wrapped into a default ``WSGIApp`` object. 
     23  - ``nagare.publishers``: these entry points defined the publishers that can be 
     24    used in :wiki:`PublisherFile#publisher-section`. 
     26    The framework publishers are defined into the :browser:`core/nagare/publishers` 
     27    directory. The class ``Publisher`` in :apidoc:`nagare.publishers.common#common.Publisher` 
     28    is the base class of all the publishers. 
     30  - ``nagare.sessions``: there entry points defined the sessions manager that 
     31    can be used in :wiki:`PublisherFile#sessions-section`. 
     33    The framework sessions managers are defined into the :browser:`core/nagare/sessions` 
     34    directory. The class ``Sessions`` in :apidoc:`nagare.sessions.common#common.Sessions` 
     35    is the base class of all the sessions managers. 
     37  -  ``nagare.commands``: these entry points defined new administrative commands 
     38     (launched with ``nagare-admin``) 
     40     All the build-in administrative commands of the framework are defined into 
     41     the :browser:`core/nagare/admin` directory. The class ``Command`` in 
     42     :apidoc:`nagare.admin.util#util.Command` is the interface an administrative command 
     43     must respect. 
     45  - ``nagare.admin``: these entry points defined components that will be rendered 
     46    into the "Nagare Administration interface" page (launched with ``nagare-admin serve admin``). 
     47    See the :browser:`core/nagare/admin/interface/` and 
     48    :browser:`core/nagare/admin/interface/` files.  
     50.. wikiname: EntryPoints