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Nagare Changelog


Python Stackless 2.6.2 is now the recommanded Python version.

New features

  • When an AJAX update contains CSS or Javascript urls, they are correctly fetched.
  • Multiple AJAX updates object added
  • Session lock added (distributed lock when memcached is used)
  • A session can now contains SQLAlchemy (and Elixir) entities
  • LRU management of the sessions and continuations
  • nagare-admin create-rules administrative command added. Generation of the Apache / lighttpd / ngnix rewrite rules to serve the statics contents. See NagareAdmin
  • nagare-admin batch administrative command added. To execute Python statements. See NagareAdmin
  • Easy WSGI pipe creation
  • An application can now be registered under several urls
  • The automatic reloader can be configured with a list of files to watch
  • API to logout and change the user identity/password added
  • automatic generation of a link(rel="canonical" ...) in the page header as an alias without the session and continuation parameters
  • min_compress_len parameter added in the memcached configuration
  • YUI AJAX modules updated to 2.7.0
  • SQLAlchemy updated to 0.5.x


  • Complete refactoring of the AJAX communication. The "wire" format is now Javascript.
  • component.Component.init() and presentation.init_for() API changes. See RestfulUrl

Bugs fixed

  • #19, #23, #26: race condition in the sessions management
  • #22: don't clear the registered callbacks when an image is served
  • #21: set the security context at the beginning of the request handling
  • #13, #14: python to javascript translation updated


Initial release