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     6**Nagare** is an Open-Source framework, released under the BSD license, 
     7dedicated to rich web applications development in Python. 
     9*And Now For Something Completely Different* 
     12**Nagare** doesn't follow the statu quo established by the classic frameworks 
     13of the Java, Python, Php and Ruby worlds: 
     15  - no templating language 
     16  - no explicit URL routing / mapping 
     17  - no controllers proliferation 
     18  - no manual management of the HTTP request / response cycles 
     19  - no global session object 
     20  - no REST by default 
     22When you forget all of that, what do you get ? 
     24  You get a powerful framework dedicated to web applications development, in 
     25  opposition to simple content publishing. 
     27  You get a truly component based framework where the application is a dynamic 
     28  set of autonomous components, each one following its own independent control 
     29  flow and maintaining its own private state. 
     31  You get a framework where every web page is the composition of views from 
     32  several components. 
     34  You get a framework where the HTTP connectionless request / response cycle, 
     35  the refresh, back and fork actions of the browser, don't break the normal 
     36  control flow of the application. 
     38  You get a framework with natively integrated Web 2.0 features. 
     40  You get a framework where the web applications are developed in the same way 
     41  as the desktop applications. 
     43*Take an open-minded tour to Nagare* 
     46Try it ! Play with it ! Adopt it ! 
     48And never look back. 
     52**Nagare** is the japanese word for "flow" or "smooth transition". 
     54A reference to the control flow of an application, the name of the highest 
     55creativity state of mind, and, in the "Ki no nagare" principle of martial arts, 
     56the perfect association of energy and agility. 
     58.. wikiname: NagareDescription 
     59 }}}