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     6Eureka is a collaborative portal used by more than 5000 people every day. 
     8The design has been realised by a Website Design company and has been integrated with the application. 
     115000 users 
     12Released on March 2009 
     19Users can post informations that are commented or voted by other users. Moreover, content are moderated through a simple workflow. 
     21Nagare allowed us to mix seamlessly, synchronous with asynchronous actions. 
     26The website design was realised independently from application, and integrated later through the use of Nagare renderer and lxml features. 
     28Static blocks of the portal were replaced by dynamic Nagare components, thus allowing incremental features development. 
     36STPro is the production tracking and collaborative evaluation tool provided to PagesJaunes subcontractors. 
     39> 50 users 
     40> 1000 productions a week 
     41Released on October 2009 
     46Production tracking is done through the use of a workflow per product type. 
     48When products reach the right step, they can be evaluated by STPro users. 
     53Every product states are consolidated on a single page. 
     55Managers can easily track production statuses and quickly find out if any problem occured. 
     62Yves Rocher - EPM 
     63EPM is a worldwide store and catalog management for large franchise (more than 500 stores). 
     65Yves Rocher 
     66600 users 
     67Released on February 2010 
     71Internationalization and Localization 
     72As a worldwide application, EPM handles several languages. As a Full unicode framework, Nagare really eased this step. 
     76Rich interface 
     77To simplify user interaction application uses javascript capabilities like drag and drop asynchronous actions. Those UI elements were simplified as Nagare provides a transparent Ajax rendering of a component, without any Python or Javascript code to add. 
     85CProfil is a Learning Management System portal for 10000 trainees (managing and tracking trainings and educations). 
     8810000 trainees 
     89Released on April 2009 
     93Data export 
     94Nagare is not limited to HTML or XML generation. For example, data from C-Profil are exported as different formats (PDF, SVG, Excel). 
     102E-Profil is a Learning Management System used by more than 8000 trainees. 
     1058000 trainees 
     106Released on February 2010 
     110Rich Interface Application 
     111Asynchronous Rich Interface through the use of YUI and Nagare capabilities. 
     119Plantwit is a twitter application. Its download portal and experience sharing page are realised with Nagare. 
     122more than 5000 downloads 
     123Released on April 2009 
     129Download portal and share experience pages use OAuth to let users share some of their private informations (Twitter, GMail and Yahoo!). 
     133.. wikiname: WhoUsesNagare