Demo installation

1. Installation

To install the demonstration, enter the command:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/easy_install nagare.examples

or, in Windows:

<NAGARE_HOME>\Scripts\easy_install.exe nagare.examples

2. Developers installation

If you want to work with the latest demo sources, first grab the sources from the repository:

git clone

Second, install the demo from the sources:

cd examples
<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/python develop

You can now work with the sources of the demo in <NAGARE_HOME>/examples/nagare and, when you want to update the sources from the repository, do:

cd <NAGARE_HOME>/examples
git pull
<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/python develop

3. Lauching the demo applications


On windows, replace the command <NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin by <NAGARE_HOME>\Scripts\nagare-admin.exe

To check the installation, the command:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve

must display the applications installed with the demo:

Available applications:
  - admin
  - demo
  - gallery
  - portal
  - wiki

To launch the “demo” application, enter:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve demo

and browse to

The “wiki”, “gallery” and “portal” applications need a database so the extra step of the database creation is required before to launch them.

To launch the “wiki” application, enter the commands:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin create-db wiki
<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve wiki

and browse to

for the “gallery” application, enter the commands:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin create-db gallery
<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve gallery

and browse to

or, for the “portal” application:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin create-db portal
<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve portal

and browse to