Entry points

The entry points are a mecanism to extend the framework.

How the entry points are declared in the setup.py file of your project is described in the Setuptools documentation.

The framework knows about the following entry points:

  • nagare.applications: this entry point is the most often used as it registers an application to the framework.

    An application can be an instance of WSGIApp, configurated with a component factory, or a direct component factory which, in this case, will be automatically wrapped into a default WSGIApp object.

  • nagare.publishers: these entry points defined the publishers that can be selected with the type parameter of the publisher configuration file

    The framework publishers are defined into the nagare.publishers package. The class nagare.publishers.common.Publisher is the base class of all the publishers.

  • nagare.sessions: there entry points defined the sessions manager that can be selected with the type paramater of the publisher configuration file.

    The framework sessions managers are defined into the nagare.sessions package. The class nagare.sessions.common.Sessions is the base class of all the sessions managers.

  • nagare.commands: these entry points defined new administrative commands (launched with nagare-admin)

    All the build-in administrative commands of the framework are defined into the nagare.admin package. The class nagare.admin.command.Command is the interface an administrative command must respect.

  • nagare.admin: these entry points defined components that will be rendered into the “Nagare Administration interface” page (launched with nagare-admin serve admin). See the admin/interface/info.py and admin/interface/applications.py files.