Installing a third party application

This document describes how to deploy an application on the Nagare framework


The Nagare framework must be installed as explained in Nagare installation.

Installing the application

If the application is available on the PyPi, use the command:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/easy_install <application>

else, retrieve the application archive or egg and install it with:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/easy_install <path/to/the/archive>

To check the application is correctly registered to Nagare, enter:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve

which lists all the registered applications.

The application is installed in is own directory under <NAGARE_HOME>/lib/python2.7/site-packages

Serving the application

Check, in the conf directory of the application that the parameters of the configuration file are correct for your environment. For example, check that the database URI is correct if the application uses a database.

If the application uses a database, create the database tables:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin create-db <application>

Then, the application is launched with:

<NAGARE_HOME>/bin/nagare-admin serve <application>

To know how to configure an application, consult the The application configuration file guide.

To change the way the application is published, consult the The publisher configuration file guide.