This impressive number states how many evaluations have been realised since April 2008 by CITROEN employees on a web skill assessment software, developed by Net-ng.

The project is conducted by the GNFA, national association in charge of automotive training.

Implemented in 2008, the application is based on a set of modules, that have been for the most developed under Nagare. The application interacts with business management systems through webservices.

Among the set of modules, the reporting functionality (700 Mb of data for 6 million data units) has been fully developed with Nagare and widely uses YUI library for presentation (dynamic arrays, filters, ...), reportlab - the OpenSource PDF library for dynamic PDF generation with high quality and complex formatting (contents, inserting graphics) - and xlwt to generate multi-tabs Excel workbooks.

Other projects in skill assessment in the automotive sector are in progress ....To be continued!

More information on skills assessment tools developed by Net-ng: here (in french)

Some screenshots:



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