Some recent projects carried out on Nagare

Hi everybody,

A quick recap of the projects we have carried out during the last six months concerning the Nagare Framework.

In the automative training field

On behalf the GNFA, we continued the development of a modular assessment tool. Around a functional basis powered by Nagare, we have implemented different modules dedicated to specific projets for specific use cases.

Among the customers using our software, we can mention: Citroen, Audi, Volkswagen...

Otherwise, this tool is being used in the EVEMA Project, a research project carried out by GNFA and funded by the French Government State.

EVEMA plans to connect a 3D evaluation software with our assessment tool.

We just started a new project INTERLUDE, also funded by the French State, which aims to implement a web portal solution based on OpenSocial standards. We will come back to you regarding this project during the coming months.

On behalf of the PagesJaunes Groupe (The French Yellow Pages)

We carried out interesting projects about the automation of websites design, integrated into the existing production chain. More details to come...

Otherwise, PagesJaunesGroupe provides their employees with a collaborative website called EUREKA to manage collective intelligence. Recently, EUREKA was awarded the "2011 Intranet - Cegos" prize in the Virtual Communities & Knowledge Management category.

We are also working in partnership with start-ups

Modae Technology is an ESL - Electronic System Level - company that offers innovative solutions for the design of hardware-software embedded systems.

This company has developed modeling technology in order to easily capture functional specifications and to automatically generate code for parallel computing systems. We have implemented a web modeling solution with interesting GUIs.

Dolmen Technologies is a company offering a web based solution for collecting prospect data.

An Nagare-based application manages multiple forms, accessible via iPads, available in stores or trade shows. Thanks to this application, the prospect has to enter a correct address, based on a national referential, thus guarantying a reliable database.

Other projects

See you soon for new projects carried out on Nagare!



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