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#17 QuickStart Fix/Note new apoirier bug minor uncategorized
#56 "nagare-admin -serve" silently exiting accepted apoirier bug critical nagare-admin
#1500 Context manager & next_method conflict? new apoirier bug minor renderers
#1517 WSGIApp.set_data_path not called when using "nagare-admin create-db" new apoirier bug major uncategorized
#1528 Broken pipe when async and sync requests running along new apoirier bug major renderers
#1539 Component url lost in some asynchronous scenarios new apoirier bug major ajax
#1540 i18n message for IntValidator new apoirier bug major uncategorized
#25 Async Components & Back/Forward/Refresh new apoirier enhancement minor ajax
#1518 WSGIApp.set_publisher should be responsible for the app registration into the publisher new apoirier enhancement major uncategorized
#1541 Support for SVG in Renderer new apoirier enhancement major renderers
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