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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#56 "nagare-admin -serve" silently exiting nagare-admin 0.3.0 bug apoirier accepted 05/19/2010
#1517 WSGIApp.set_data_path not called when using "nagare-admin create-db" uncategorized 0.3.0 bug apoirier new 01/24/2012
#1528 Broken pipe when async and sync requests running along renderers 0.4.1 bug apoirier new 02/06/2013
#1539 Component url lost in some asynchronous scenarios ajax 0.4.1 bug apoirier new 08/01/2014
#1540 i18n message for IntValidator uncategorized 0.4.1 bug apoirier new 05/04/2015
#1518 WSGIApp.set_publisher should be responsible for the app registration into the publisher uncategorized enhancement apoirier new 02/01/2012
#1541 Support for SVG in Renderer renderers 0.4.1 enhancement apoirier new 03/02/2016
#17 QuickStart Fix/Note uncategorized 0.1.0 bug apoirier new 10/29/2008
#1500 Context manager & next_method conflict? renderers 0.3.0 bug apoirier new 05/27/2011
#25 Async Components & Back/Forward/Refresh ajax 0.1.0 enhancement apoirier new 11/29/2008
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