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QuickStart Fix/Note

Reported by: PythonNutter Owned by: apoirier
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Version: 0.1.0 Keywords: windows virtualenv stackless python


A quick note for the Quick Start.

I ran the quick start under Windows and discovered an issue related to stackless python and virtualenv that will make your quickstart instructions fail for windows users.

First the software:
Windows XP SP2
Python 2.5.2
Stackless for Python 2.5.2 installed on top of Python.org Python 2.5.2

On Windows (unconfirmed on other OS systems) when you create a virtualenv it copies python.exe from C:\PYTHON25 into the Scripts directory in the virtualenv you create. The Windows %PATH% variable is then modified upon <virtualenv directory created>\Scripts\activate.bat execution to put the <virtualenv directory created>\Scripts at the beginning of the PATH variable.

This executes python.exe from the virtualenv directory you created first before allowing the C:\PYTHON25\ directory to be scanned for the python.exe file.

Unfortunately you will end up with Python 2.5.2 running and not Python 2.5.2 Stackless running as there are more files that need to be copied (not correctly done by virtualenv package) to make sure that Stackless Python is running in the virutalenv's and not standard Python 2.5.2.

To bypass this error I copied C:\PYTHON25\python25.dll to the <virtualenv directory created>\Scripts directory and then when the virtualenv was activated and python executed I finally got the full Stackless python.

Without this the easy_install tool will *fail* when trying to install nagare onto windows because it cannot detect that Stackless Python is installed and running.

Some how you need to make note of this for Windows users without any decent troubleshooting skills to fix their own systems.

I am sure virtualenv must function properly on proper Unix systems.


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