Object references

Object references are textual references to Python objects. There are especially used in the application files to indicate what Python objects to use.

The general form of an object reference is: <schema> <path>:<object_name>. Given such an object reference, the nagare.admin.reference.load_object() method returns a tuple where the first item is the Python object, and the second item is the distribution where this object is located, if found.

The available schemas are:

  • python <module_path>:<object_name> – a reference to an object in a Python module. The Python module is searched using sys.path. This schema is also used by default if no schema is given.

    >>> from nagare.admin import util
    >>> util.load_object('python xml.sax.xmlreader:XMLReader')
    (<class xml.sax.xmlreader.XMLReader at 0x851f17c>, None)
    >>> util.load_object('xml.sax.xmlreader:XMLReader')
    (<class xml.sax.xmlreader.XMLReader at 0x851f17c>, None)
  • file <filename>:<object_name> – a reference to an object in a Python file.

    >>> from nagare.admin import util
    >>> util.load_object('file /usr/lib/python2.5/xml/sax/xmlreader.py:XMLReader')
    (<class xmlreader.XMLReader at 0x851f62c>, None)
  • app <application_name> – a reference to a registered Nagare application entry point.

    >>> from nagare.admin import util
    >>> util.load_object('app admin')
    (<nagare.admin.admin_app.WSGIApp object at 0x8b5148c>, nagare 0.1.0 (/home/apr/projects/nagare/dev/src/nagare/core))
  • egg <distribution_name>:<application_name> – a reference to a specific registered Nagare application entry point of a distribution.

    >>> from nagare.admin import util
    >>> util.load_object('egg nagare.examples:wiki')
    (<class 'nagare.examples.wiki.wiki9.Wiki'>, nagare.examples 0.1.0 (/home/apr/projects/nagare/dev/src/nagare/examples))